BFF becomes viral for security check on Facebook, the truth behind what is known

BFF becomes viral for security check on Facebook, the truth behind what is known

  Nowadays Social Media Facebook has been a viral pothole which is being used in various    claims. Now BFF is going viral, we are checking the truth about how good the claim is to      check security by typing BFF.

Mystery of BFF

It is claimed that by typing BFF you can check whether your Facebook account is safe or not. If your letter becomes green after writing this, then it means that your Facebook data is in danger if your account is safe and does not.

We also wrote a BFF for the test box for testing, the letter turned into a green color and the hand claping also appeared. But this does not mean that your Facebook account is safe or not.

This is BFF's meaning

Actually, this is a feature of Text Delight from Facebook. Which means (BFF) Best Friends Forever By typing this, two hands are seen from the hyphen.

This is also a feature that you like Best Wishes, Congratulations, You Got This. This is evident from the fact that letter writing by BFF is not a sign of security. So someone should not fall into this fraud.

Popular social media from the morning on March 22 March Facebook! Continuous circacting is a special post. Whichever summary- If the word 'BFF' is written in the comments box at the bottom of the post, then the sound remains green, then your account is safe. But if it does not, then change the password now.

Users are scared to save their accounts from hackers and write BFF. And it's holding the green color. Now the question is, if you have to give a notification, then it should come from the Facebook authorities. But this message is transmitted to the private message. Here's the deterrent, many tech sites search the subject and everyone agrees that this BFF-Kand Nehthi rumor There is no basis for this. 
However, when BFF is written in the comments box it is holding green color, it is true. What happened? The website 'Take Neve' says that Facebook has launched a service called 'Text Delight' for a while, so that the messages automatically contain green color and when red, a hand is displayed, it is shown in high-fifth. After that click on the message it takes the green shape. It does not matter if the account is hacked or not.  
However, in the report 'Take Neve', it has been said that if your browser or Facebook app is not updated, then text delites will not work. There will not be green color despite hundreds of clicks. That does not necessarily mean your account is hacked. 
In essence, if you type 'congratulations' or 'best wishes' in the comment box, the text delight will work. 
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